Friday, April 24, 2009

hello again

it has been a while since i posted, mostly because i've done a pretty good job of kicking cancer's ass and i haven't had any new news for anyone in a while. ok, i'm lying. i have honestly just been to lazy to post.

well here is a quick update.

1) my petscan came back all clear, yay! i can finally get some much needed rest and relaxation without having to see a doctor every other day now. i am feeling great, except that my immune system is still weak and my body isn't back to normal so i am still experiencing many off days.

2) i finally received disability payments! about friggin time...but at least i know now that the government is doing something right with the money i've given them for the last god knows how many years. now i can pay off the bazillion copayments and other crazy medical bills i haven't been able to pay yet.

3) i gained back all the weight i lost...and then some. so i at least look healthy again, but i'm having trouble fitting some of my clothes now. maybe some that disability money can help me pay for a membership to the NYU gyms...hmmm....

last but not least, i wanted to share an interesting article about funding for a cure for cancer that i thought was an interesting read.

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